Easy Red is back

Hello everyone.

As you can see, we are back updating game with new features. We added the first vehicle to the game, just a little buggy, but still a vehicle right? We have several plans for next weeks updates.

We have to improve lot of weapons models like m3 Grease and MP40, add new weapons like the Bren gun, add more vehicles, like the KubelWagen, the Sdkfz251, the M4 Sherman, obviously, all drivable. And of course, we will make lot of progress with the level, improving their fun, their versatibility, adding lot of quests and thing to do. We will make mission on Hill 30, on Caen, near forrests, and fields, and mountains, and one day finally game will finished. Thank you all for all of your suggestions and your comments. I love this project. I wonder one day this will a real game. Have a good day. #EasyRed

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You dont have to wonder if it will be a real game, it already is one!