Next updates (0.6.X versions)


Finally version 0.6 is out.

It has some problems, like less performance.

This will one of the main goals gor next versions. Also you will see things like new weapons (Flamethrower?), New vehicles (Kubelwagen? Sdkfz251? Tiger 1?), lot of new missions, new features, vehicle repair kits, and lot of bug fixes. 

There are also "bad news".

Making this game needs lot of hours of work per day. I have to do many things in my life, and i can't continue spending time and money for this without any monetary help (in 5000 downloads i earned 3.99$ of donations) so i decided to release just a few more free updates (just for fixing the major issues) and from version 0.7.x i will fix a price for the game. You will be able to download for free the v.0.6.X, and if you want to try some newer updates you will have to buy the preview. It will cost a few cents, and will make you free to download every new version. 

When the game will finally complete it will be published on steam. It will costs a few euros (maybe 10€), but if you paid for the developer preview you can download it to free from


Easy red 6.0 (Windows)
Nov 01, 2017
Easy red 6.0 (Mac)
Nov 01, 2017

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