A few words about next updates.


There will be huge updates in next weeks. Here's the most importants:

-Big performance improvement. This change is ready to be delivered with next update. It's really an impressive betterment. This will not only allow very old machines to play the game, but most important will permit to have many units and vehicles on a battle,

-New/better models and mechanicg. As always i'm adding new things, like New Canadian uniform, totally new explosion effects and bug fixes.

-New AI movement system. Soon AI will have a new algorithm that will make it take better decision on movement and path to a destination. This is really important because with the new system you will be able to give orders to the troops and send them where you prefer (if you will be a team leader). Also AI will have several improvements when capturing or defending zones.

-Mac/Linux support. All machines will run the game. In a future maybe console too.

Those are the most important updates incoming in the next few weeks.

Of course other stuff could be included, as new weapons, vehicles, levels and more.


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Oct 09, 2017

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