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You know

Game is finally at a good stadius. I really like what is coming from this idea. And i like all of your help and ideas that currently are in the game. But this is not the game. This is a development preview with some test missions. Well, probably most of those missions will have just a little few changes, but i will improve them as i can. And of course, i will ad lot of more missions. I think at least 20-30 missions placed from the D-Day to the capture of Caen (city that is currently in the game but far away from the current missions and not finished yet).

But, when the game will ready, and missions will complete, what will happen?

I'd like to add a new map with new missions. It will not take a long time, because creating missions and map dosn't require much time (in a few month "expansion" will ready).

So, new map uh? 

But where? What battle?

There are multiple battle that i would like to add.

Here's a little list.

-Battle of Anzio: Italy, 1943, from Italy landing to Montecassino capture. New italy weapons and units.

-Battle of Stalingrad: Russia 1943, from the Volga, to the city and the factories. Some new weapons and Russian units.

-Battle of the Bulge: Belgium, 1944: Through the snow forrests to the castles.

And, maybe, one day, a little dlc: Battle od Vittorio Veneto, 1918 Italy: From the Piave to Trieste, a little WW1 DLC.


For the moment let's focus on the current map. But. Keep following the game, and maybe, in a year lot could change. 


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Sep 20, 2017

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