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Keep crosshair like it is now. focus for development of AI and make gums more deadly,shooting guns feel realistic but enemies take lot of damage.....

Your game is looking good keep working 

Hi! Crosshair will fixed anyway, AI will have the same life of the player because of this game is a simulator. Increase player life is increas life of all units.

Maybe you can also make a harder mode or something like that. So that the enemies have more health and you do the same or less damage to them.

I just got an idea. Elimination mode: Both sides start with an ammount of soldiers and reinforcement tickets if have any. The main goal is to kill all soldiers on the enemy side. Reinforcement tickets will exchange a dead soldier with a new one. Example game: Omaha Beach Axis=50 Allies=30 + 60 reinforcement ticket. So the axis side is filled with 50 men at the start of the game and your team task is to kill all of the 50 men which mean eliminate enemy occupation on a location. The allies side start with 30 men. Every time one of allies soldier dies, a new one will spawn and decrease the ticket. When the ticket reaches zero, no more reinforcement comming. In this mode there is no capturing points, just eliminate.

I think it's a very good idea. Only this piece is a little bit unfair;): Axis=50 Allies=30 + 60 reinforcement ticket.

I think it's fair. The axis have 50 men right from the start guarding their side. Many of them will fire at the allies on the beach. While the allies start with 30 men that can respawn when died as long as the reinforcement tickets still there.

I will think about this! Very nice!

It's not actually a gamemode. Just another way to play a mission instead of the normal capturing.

Will there be map editor and custom map sharing using steam workshop? This addition can be very good.

Sorry i forgot to reply to this in other posts: Yes, it can be made. But i need a couple weeks for this.

I have a question. Will you also be watching the comment section on for tips an suggestions?

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Of course i wil.

And in which timezone do you live. It's a weird question but then I know when I can contact you.


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Me too. That's handy.

What's the difference between the free version and the steam version? Why should i buy it?

The difference is that the demo version only is available on and that it only is going to get updated on the Steam version from now on.

I bought the game, but I still do not have crosshair

Hi! I think i found the reason! I'm working to fix it in the next week's update for Steam! You got an extremely rare problem, it depends from your pc's intalled fonts, it's hard to explain, anyway it will fixed soon! Sorry for the problem!

I do not have a health indicator in the game.

Do you want help me choosing one? 

Take a look here and tell me what you like!

I like this one

I like it too! What about switching crosshair from game settings?

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I don't know what that means. I'm not so good at coding. And sorry if this is a dumb answer.

And maybe you could also widen the crosshair is you run. And if you run that the bullets don't exactly come where you point your crosshair.

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Some feedback. If you run and you strafe left and right you stop running. Is that intentional or is that a bug. Besides that it's a really good game.

I didn't notice this! Thank you it will fixed for steam version!

I bought the game. I hope it get's far better than what it already is.

It will updated with the same constance that he has on itch. Updated every 1/2 weeks and with lot of news every time.

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A nice idea: ingame map editor to make custom maps (historical or fictional). Also a steam workshop support to share your maps. Also melee battles need to be less simple. Pressing f to attack. Hold f to defend. Instead of punch how about stabbing with knife or bassing with guns?

Also can you make the AI take cover when under heavy fire or outnumbered?

Make them taking cover could be difficult, i can make them go prone, hoping they are behind trenches or walls. It's really hard to make them understanding the surrounding area. The system that they use to move in the ambient needed several months.

I was working on stabbing just right now!

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Prone is a good idea. How about the user friendly map editor idea and sharing maps with steam workshop? Also can the AI's firerate increased the more closer the target is if the AI use smgs or mgs?

Hi! Since the damage are so realistic, a too accurate shooting AI nearbie can be devastating! I'll think about it :\

Don't need to be accurate when nearby. Just the high firerate.

Hi Marco! How did you come up with the name of the game?

Hi! During the d-day the beaches were divided in sectors; Omaha Beach was divided in 5, on of them was Easy Red 

aha I see, that was smart of you! I love the attention to historical accuracy in this game!

Thank you so much!

Where is the game on Steam? It's 1 December but it just says that it is in early access

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Hi! I'm so sorry, i already contacted the steam support, the game appear as published regularly. There's must be something wrong with the package, and i can't do anything, i am waiting for their answer. I hope this will fixed soon as possible, I really hope they will not take more then 2 days for answer me. I'm so sorry.

It doesn't matter. I just thought that there maybe was something wrong with my Steam.

It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting the error.

the last video i post on here! this game is just immense, cannot wait for future updates on steam! really good job Mr dev! :D


As always amazing.

Is there going to be paid dlcs? And how much the price after the 40% discount?

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Hi. If there will be DLCs they will free. The price of the game will 3.99$. For the first week there will be a 40% of discount, so i guess something like 2.50$

I have bought it. Thanks.

Thank you! every single support is always appreciated! I hope you will enjoy future updates! Having some money to spent had the possibilty to contact professional voice actors!

i,m sorry to say this Marco but i,m done with your game becuase if your not going to update it here and only update it on steam and plus i hate it when people make a great game on and put it on steam plus i have no money on steam so good bye Marco

AND REPLY TO ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sorry that you hate when people makes progresses on their carreer.


I recently began playing this game, and I have to say I enjoyed it! Can't wait to see further content, I'm very glad my friend JayPlaysOfficial introduced me to it, I shall be spreading word about this game cause it has so much potential!!!

Hi and thank you so much. Your positive feedbacks are the best part of this project. Glad you like it. 

I do not have a crosshair in the game, how can I turn it on?

Hi. This is strange. Are you playing from Mac or Windows?

I play on windows

I'm trying to get the same problem to fix it. 

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I bought the game, but I still do not have crosshair

How about cruel mode? You will be chosen some random missions in a right order and you will start from the first one. If  you die in cruel mode, you will return back to main menu (game over). This mode will make a unique experience, where you are afraid to die.

Hi, nice idea i like it. I'll do something like this.

An awesome suggestion: Soldiers will react to their wounds. If you shoot their legs, the soldiers will become limb or have difficulties to walk. If you shoot their arms, the soldiers will drop their weapons sometimes and unable to wield weapons again. Some soldiers don't die, instead they will be wounded and can be healed by medic. Wounded soldiers sometimes surrender. All wounds can be healed by medic, some wounds need longer time to heal. Wounded soldiers will shout "medic". Medic can also pull wounded soldiers to somewhere saver before healing them.

Hi, i'm working in something like that. It is really a cool idea.

can I  get closed beta if there is one, by the way your game is the best!!!!!


Thank you so much. There is a kind of closed beta reserved for youtubers. If you need more details, please write me at

How much is this game going to cost on Steam, because I have a little bit off money left over on my Steam account so paying is easier.? Thanks 

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3.99$ with a 40% of sale for the first weeks.

Anyway, donating how much you want on before the 1th of December will make you receive a free key.

Then I am definitely going to buy your game!! Thank you very much for a reply.

i really do love this game! it has so much potential and has had so much work put into this! lots of respect to the dev for how much work he has put into this! :D 

i am 

Hi and thank you so much. I would like to contact you for a little question. Where can i do that? 

Your most welcome :D and you can message me via Email? or discord? :D

Sent you a mail :)

Hello Marco! I think that since you will not be on itch anymore for suggestions and stuff, maybe you could create a discord server. For people who want to suggust/ talk to you about development! 


Interesting idea. I will  think about that.

I like the art style of the first loading screen. Maybe a setting to make the game looks like that.

That kind of rendering could be very heavy for the cpu, but i will see if i can add it anyway as extra option.

Hi Marco, when will this be released on steam?

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Hi. The 1th of December it will available on Steam. At least one last free update is planned to be released on

That is great! Best of luck with the game!

so Marco i,m sorry to say this but i have to stop supporting your game because now you will not update this game no more on and also your putting this game on steam and i have no money on steam so i can,t buy it on steam so this might be the last thing i post here so good bye Marco

hey dude i just wanted to say that I think your game is amazing and i play it all the time but plz add multiplayer thx dude


Multiplayer will need a few more time to be integrated, but i'm working on it.

Hi marco, when the game fully releases on steam, will there be a free option like the thanks.


On i will not publish those versions that are destinated for Steam. I could anyway put some version with bug fixes or some little news, but the main version will be only on steam.

thanks for the info

game it starts to lag then crashes 

Hi. This is really strange. Does this happens every time? Does this happens in every mission? 


awesome game  but it starts to lag after awhile when I am loading into the game but overall its a great game but sadly I cant buy the full game since I got no internet money


Hi. This is so strange but it's the second advice for the lag problem. We just test it on several machines. The only machines that has "problems" where those with limited hardware, so you should maybe lower the graphic settings or/and the game resolution. I know that the game weight on the pc resources, but this is because it is an open world with special mechanics. I'm working to optimize it anyway.

So happy that i downloaded the newer version! so much better and i'm really happy the way this game is turning out! :D good job Mr Dev! :D


I'm very glad you like it. I know that this game has lot of thing that needs some work, and i'm doing my best to release a new improved version every week.

Anyway i would like to tell you that i really really like your gameplays. 

Hey! well i would like to say your doing an amazing job! keep up the outstanding work! i am very happy to hear you like the videos :D many more to come! :D

hey Marco here are 10 DLC ideas you can add after your done with the base game Marco

1 Vietnam war

2 Korean war

3 Russian civil war

4 soviet war in Afghanistan

5 Napoleonic wars

6 American civil war

7 American revolutionary war

8 Chinese civil war

9 Iran-Iraq war

10 Mexican revolution

(bonus) world war 3

you have it Marco those are my ideas for DLCs hope to see is least 3 of
these DLCs in your game i also did not include ww1 because you are
alrighty thinking about added that but as always keep up the great work

Hi and thank you. I will see what i can do.

i cant download this (im using the itch app) every time i click install it does the download thing (theres no progress) for a few seconds then theres the install button again

Hi. The reason could be that this is a zipped file uploaded to mega. I'm sorry, but for the moment you should use the link from the web site.

i tried downloading windows version from website and app but it does not work i have played older versions so i know the game works so plz fix

Hi. What happens exactly when you launch the game?

the game crashes

Does it happens even with the newer version?

Him does this happens with the new 7.0 version?


Great game however, it would be nice if you added a visual hit indicator.



Just to let you know, the flamethrower's ammunition stays 100 when I used it.

Yes, that's not a bug. Flamethrower is not finished yet.

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I looked through the comments of this game to find solutions but, for some reason I cannot download the Mac version of the game (on the website, not desktop app). Could you fix this or provide a manual link for the download, on a separate site.

**EDIT: Nevermind I've since fixed the problem just needed to enable a vpn

**EDIT2: The download still does not work, stops at 68.5mb

Hi. Thank you for your feedback. This is so strage, i will take a look for it. If you neednyo download the MAC version manually, get it here:!cMYEXCab!kgxyTygqP58t-DvQ4iDOhrLBu1_uDptXQiFAW2GAEYg

Nevermind the download still doesn't work, it stops at 68.5 mb, could you post it on a diffrent webstie. Thank you if you do.

Of course, i just need some few hours.

The link should be fixed. You can try now.


Hey Marco. Just a small bug report: Sometimes when you quit to main menu,  the objective of the mission that you've played remains at the top of the screen.

Yap, i noticed that and it's on list to be fixed on next version.


A small suggestion: Hold G to wait after pulling the pin before throwing the grenade.


Thank you, this will listed to be implemented.

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