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The optimization (in my system) just made the game go slow-mo when I'm in a middle of a fight. I hope the next updates fixes this.

Still looking forward for this game's future! <3

Does playing as a medic have a medkit or any healing tool?

from the update released fewbhours ago yes, you can heal yourself and allies with first aid kits given to medics.

Oh cool! When I open the game, it just put me into action in Omaha Beach without a menu or anything. When I finish Omaha Beach it just restarts in the same level. Can I play other levels like in the old version or is this all part of your plan?

oh yes of course. My mistake. I fix this immediatly when i come home. Sorry.

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it's ok you don't need to apologize. Is it already fixed? I'm having troubles about this website. I can't tell if this game has been updated or not XD

Yes. Patch has just been released. 

when i try to open it it says that it is unsecure and windows wont let me open it the last one i had worked 

With the 'insicure medsage' there are teo buttons: A big "cancel" and a small "start anyway".

will this come to MacOS because it looks like a really fun game and would love to play on my Mac : )

yes, very soon.

ok thanks I'll keep my eye out for that

Mac version is out.

ok thanks look  forward to playing : )

for a little bug i hided files. I will reupload it this evening (italian time). Check in 5 hours it will online. 

Deleted post

I have the solution when it ask's you that you need to click More info then Run then it will show you the 7zip file. If your on windows 10 that is it's not a virus don't worry.

Exactly. This is not a bug, you just have to click on "unpack anyway".

Well i downloaded the file (Easy Red.exe) and i clicked the .exe file, but it does nothing and just showed a loading cursor and stopped. I'm still figuring this problem out but got nothing. Is this a problem on the download or my pc?

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

Marco I have Easy Red question: How do you heal someone or yourself if your the medic?

class like engineer, medic, Officer, radioman are not complete so for the moment they are just skin and gun. Soin you will able to do lot of more stuff like heal ally and yourself.

I downloaded the new version, but when I click to play the game, it says "Crash_2017-10-13_225114" has been generated.  I downloaded a second time but it still didn't work. Is their something wrong with the download?

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

Hey Marco i'm trying to download the 5.1 Easy Red 190MB update but i download it and the it send me to 7ZIP and the i extract it but  everything is a data error? I extract these files to a a directory a empty folder and when i click the EXE.this message pop's up: 'Easy Red has encountered a problem and must close ' ' Crash_2017-10-13_235240 has been generated these files can be sent to CorvoGames for analysis'. i have the previous Easy Red installed and that works perfectly can you explain me this problem Much Thanks.

Try to delete it and download again. This usually happens when the broadband is spread across different devices or tabs in your browser. So when it downloads, try to stick to one tab (the downloading tab) and have no other app that primarily uses internet be open. If it doesn't work try, like, a few more times. If it all doesn't end up for you or you have a good broadband, then it's most likely to be the game zip file itself.

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Thanks for your reply your probably right, i do indeed have like 10 tabs open at same time i will do this now thanks! : )

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

Let me know if the next update is released. I'm still playing the old version.

yes, it is! If you gad the mission bug it solved now.

In the website, when click download in the your game page, is it the updated one(which is fixed)?

yes. And tomorrow a new one (with some little news) will uploaded. Every 2-3 days game is uodated.

Hello may i ask what did u use to make the game because i want to start developing  too

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Hi. You have to use several different programs. I can tell you the most important ones that I use, but there are lot of differents alternatives. I use Blender for 3D models, and Gimp for skins and textures, Visual studio for coding, Audacity for audios and musics, and Unity Engine for development. I hope you will find your own way for your game.

Marco thanks for the help your game will always be my favourite!

Can someone help me, so after I downloaded the game and started it it showed the SP and MP menu but it doesnt work when I click single player it just shows the map and in the bottom right corner. No matter what i press or do nothing except the back button works.

Hi. inside the game folder there's a txt with a link to the old version. Try that version and tell me if it works. We are working to solve this problem that occurr with some pc.

Maybe ressistance mode? Open world city and you play as a ressistance soldier that start with no notoriety. Work together with other ressistance to free France. Gather information for the allies, sabotage German supply lines to help allies war effort, kill important German military personel (like officer), free prisoner of war, steal weapons and distribute them to other ressistance, and many more. By doing those actions you can help the allies to liberate France but also gain notoriety if seen. The SS will surely eliminate you if you are in there wanted list. You won't enter the wanted list if you conceal your identity.

You can also be a ressistance leader and conduct raid. Ressistance bases can be made anywhere and need to be defended.

Is this a nice idea?

yeah, it's a great one.

so Marco i have a idea for a DLC you could make so this DLC will be based off of the Napoleonic wars and all the stuff in that era so here are some things you could make in that DLC

1 so you should make the factions like the British empire or the french empire or even the Russian empire

2 so you should make the weapons so like the musket or the rifle or the pistol or even the swords

3 so you should also make the classes so like line infantry or light infantry or cavalry or even rifle man

4 you should make naval warfare so like ships shooting with cannons to kill there enemys and this would be cool for multiplayer and you could chose which ship you want

5 you should also make the uniforms for different regiments for like the British or the french or the other factions

so there you have it Marco hope you liked the idea of this DLC you could add and glad you made this amazing game it,s really fun glad you made the game and by the way i,m Canadian but as always keep the awesome work i hope to see this DLC in your game

This game is so amazing but the fovement glitch makes it not as amazing please fix it!

this is so strange. Does this happens also with old version? What do you mean with unpleyable?

I am using the new version and when I go to walk I just walk backwards or forwards and I can control the game.

it happens every time I log on to play and start a mission I just start walking backwards and sometimes forwards it makes the game unplayable in my oppion.

What version of windows are you running? If you use right arrowsbto control the player what happens?

I'm using windows 10.

Please wait a few days for next update. It will fix all problems.

Deleted post

I really loved the game. Even with a relatively low end laptop I can manage to run around 30 fps with the lowest settings except for textures. Thank you for making the game, I'll be sure to send some suggestions via e-mail. :)

thabk you. Happy to hear some good news sometimes.

The game has a major issue every time I come into the game it makes me move forwards or backwards and it makes the game unplayable and im Canadian so thanks for adding them!

Hello Marco, Hey I just wanted to say Can you make this also for  macOS please!!!!!!!!! This game looks awesome and I realy want to play it on a mac so please make it available for mac

Next update will contain a MacOS version. Need some 3-4 more days. 

hey Marco it,s me giantboss10 sorry i have not gave feedback for a bit but i,m back so here are 15 weapon ideas for when you make the world war 1 DLC

1 you should add the model 10

2 you should add the M97 trench

3 you should add the MP 18

4 you should add the automatico M1918

5 you should add the 12G automatic

6 you should add the hellriegel 1915

7 you should add the selbstlader M1916

8 you should add the M1907 SL

9 you should add the mondragon

10 you should add the madsen MG

11 you should add the huot automatic

12 you should add the martini henry

13 you should add the ribey rolles

14 you should add the RSC 1917

15 you should add the chauchat

and there you have it Marco those are my world war 1 DLC weapon ideas hope you liked them hope to see almost all of them in the DLC and as always keep up the good work

Thank you for your feedback. I will ad weapons from the countries present on the DLC, so if it will on Battle of Vittorio Veneto i will add something like Gewher 95, Carcano 98, Breda MG and more. Also, i think I will not add weapons that weren't used like the Hellriegel. If i will, it will a little Easter Egg hard to find.

There is a bad problem with the game for me every time I'm in a game I move backwards or forwards and it makes the game unplayable.

Aww, wish this was on Mac, looks so good!

We are working on it. Mac version will up in a couple days.

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Hello Marco, I've Downloaded the game but crashes at the beginning it doesn't even let me see the menu, is there a way to fix this or something and also where is the old version download?

i'm sorry, i'm working on it. Old version is here:

Thanks Marco it works!

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Your game is broken, missions are unplayable because of some files corrupted error.

Hi. Uploaded an old version. Can you tell me if now it works?


'sup Marco.

For some reason, whenever i start the game, it crashes straight away, hell, i don't even get to see the Home Screen. Can you please help? Thanks. (and oh, keep up the good work, mane)


Hi. Uploaded an old version. Can you tell me if now it works?

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Hello Marco,

I have a problem with extracting the files. When I extract the files from the zipped folder, I get two files which are wrong and can't be copied. It are the files 'recources.assats.resS' and 'sharedassets1.assets.resS' . I have windows, so I wonder if you can help me with solving this problem? I also want to say that I love to play the game, keep up the good work!! :)

-Dutchman Sam

Hi. Uploaded an old version. Can you tell me if now it works?

why are some files corrupted? and I cant play missions?

made a video. As long as it takes to get to the beaches and as strange AI is at times, it's quite fun! :D

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Hello! Nice video (and very nice channel, really dude). I'm sorry for the bugs, the spelling errors and all the strange stuff inside this game, it's hard to find the time to work at this project, but i'm always glad to see people making video on it, it's funny to see people reactions to the problems and the bugs! 


I don't think I mentioned any spelling errors, so great!

Many people liked the game and decided to download it. Hope the issues are resolved now :)

Can u pls release this with mac?

yes, i will add a mac version with new version



I love it!

cool update also add planes i havent see one in this game

For now the only planned plane is the airbone glider for landing troops. Attack and armed planes could be added later.

seems legit i havent played this update

is this game still in development?

Yep, with weekly updates.

so Marco i wanna say some good things about your game so far

the A.I is pretty well done i don,t always kill them i don,t always die from them

so i really like the weapons theres a lot in the game right now for the classes

i also love the vehicles theres not much but i do love them mostly tanks i love

i really do love the inventory/looting system it makes this game more like real WW2

the class system is really awesome it reminds me of battlefield 1 and i really like it

so the campain i also really love but theres only 9 missions but i still like the campain

so thats it Marco and also sorry if i spam these comments i just have a lot to say about your game i always wanted a game that takes place in ww2 and it being a FPS game and thats what this game is but as always keep up the great work                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Thank you a lot. New missions will added very very soon, i just completed the PanzerIV Tank and it will necessary for lot of missions. 

so here are 20 great ideas for campains after your done with Normandy

1 you should add the Winter war this one was (Finland vs Soviet Union)

2 you should also add the Norwegian campain this one was (Germany vs Norway)

3 you should also add the Battle of France this one was (Germany vs France)

4 you should also add the Battle of Britain this one was (Britain vs Germany)

5 you should also add the Siegfried Line campain this one was (America vs Germany)

6 you should also add the Invasion of Germany this one was (America vs Germany)

7 you should also add the Invasion of Poland this one was (Germany vs Poland)

8 you should also add the Continuation war this one was (Finland vs Soviet Union)

9 you should also add the East African campain this one was (Britain vs Italy)

10 you should also add the Battle of Greece this one was (Germany vs Greece)

11 you should also add the Battle of Crete this one was (Britain vs Germany)

12 you should also add the Tunisian campain this one was (Britain vs Germany)

13 you should also add the Anglo Iraqi war this one was (Britain vs Iraq)

14 you should also add the Syria Lebanon campain this one was (Australia vs France)

15 you should also add the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran this was (Soviet Union vs Iran)

16 you should also add the Burma campain this one was (Britain vs Japan)

17 you should add the Soviet Manchurian campain this was (Soviet Union vs Japan)

18 you should also add the Battle of the Atlantic this one was (Britain vs Germany)

19 you should also add the Battle of Mediterranean this one was (Britain vs Italy)

20 you should also add the Invasion of Yugoslavia this was (Germany vs Yugoslavia)

so there you have it those are my ideas for campains you can do Marco
after your done with Normandy hope to see most of these some might be
DLC but also there were lots more factions fighting in most of these
campains i only added the main ones also if you don,t know most of these
campains then just look them up they were all real and i really hope
the winter war is next because that one is awesome and also it,s in a
winter setting and as always keep up the great work can,t wait for full
release and trust me i,ll be supporting your game in till full release
and i hope you liked my ideas Marco

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so Marco i,ll tell you what i think about the tanks so far

so far i really love the tanks but can you change the reload animation for the machine gun on the tank because thats the reload animation if you where reloading the anti tank gun and also can you make it so the player or A.I is putting a shell in the tanks main gun when you reload because when you reload the anti tank gun your putting a shell into the gun but the tank just puts nothing but shoots a shell also make it so that the explosion on a anti tank gun and tanks main gun and also the bazooka don,t kill the people in side the tank because if the driver dies inside the whole tank dies and i don,t like that also make it so a tank takes 3 or 4 hits from a anti tank gun and a tanks main gun and also a bazooka just so the tank is way stronger and harder to take out because the tank kinda does not last long and gets spawn killed sometimes also make so the explosion on a anti tank gun and a tanks main gun and also the bazooka have splash damage and maybe one shot your enemy because of the splash damage because you have to hit your enemy dead on in order to kill your enemy and i don,t not like that one bit it make the tank feel weak and in real life tanks did not have to hit there enemy dead on because the shell had shrapnel to do the splash damage and also make it so you aim though the sites because i can hit also nothing with the tanks machine gun because you can,t aim and i also don,t like that and also make it so that the anti tank gun don,t respawn because they just stack well kinda and also i really do love the tanks most of the time because tanks are my favorite vehicle in the game so far well in till you add the landkreuzer tank but as always keep up the good work i,ll never stop supporting and playing your game i,ll make sure you do not abandon this game i,ll make sure to keep giving you feedback Marco and i hope this game lasts to the year 2020 or the last couple of mouths of 2019 or longer but i,ll be your number one fan though out this developing of your game 

As always, tank you for your feedback.

Animations are an hard part of the game; they require time, patience and precision. It's hard to sincronize weapons animations with hands animations. Reloadimg pak40 are two diffrrents anims: one for the soldier, one for the gun. That's because of some development choiches that i can't change right now. Of course i will make tanks animations, and i will improve all animations, but this is not a priority for now. I wil also add aiming for MG, and other stuffs.

Anyway; shooting the tank with piercing gun you can hurt the equip? Are you sure? Equip should be hurted (and die) only when the tank is destroyed. 

And yes, i will improve vehicles life and fix Pak40 respawn.

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so Marco i really love and enjoy your game but i wanna ask you some things

so Marco how many campaigns do you plan to have in the game

so Marco how many weapons do you plan to have in the game

so Marco how many vehicles do you plan to have in the game

so Marco what DLC's do you plan to add to the game

so Marco do you plan to make this game free on steam when it gets green lit (also theres a lot of people that use steam i hope lots of people play the multiplayer)

so Marco will you keep this game free and the DLC's for the game free

so Marco what is your favorite weapon in the game so far (mine is the STG freakin love that gun best machine gun in the game in my opinion)

so Marco when do you think the full release will come out

so Marco will you keep updating the game after full release

so Marco do you plan to add more grenade types

so Marco do you ever plan to abandon this game because i hope not

so Marco what do you plan for there to be in the DLC's besides the WW1 DLC you were talking about

so Marco how long on average does it take you to update the game

so Marco do you plan to add the landkreuzer P 1000 ratte maybe into a DLC because this tank was never used in the war

so Marco what made you go and develop this game

so thats it Marco please reply i have like 3 comments that have not been replyed to by you Marco and i don,t want this one to be the forth one but as always keep up the great work and i swear to god if you abandon this game i,ll come in to your house and slap you ok i,m joking but please don,t

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Thank you for your opinion and your questions, they are always welcome! 

I wrote a development log where i talk about next campaigns, but anyway some ideas were: Anzio, Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge and, maybe, ww1 Battle of Vittorio Veneto.

I can't say how many oh them will be added on the game, i hope all of them and many other!

I plan to have a game where you can use many weapon as you can, but without adding non existing ones or non used ones. All historical weapon will welcome.

For now i planned Kubeleagen, Sdkfz251, PanzerIV, M3 Stuart and maybe M4 Firefly, Panther, Tiger 1 and Willis Jeep. Vehicles require lot of time but i would like to add lot of them if i can.

Dlc will new map and campaigns. They will free (once you have bought the original game. I will release it to steam if i can for about 10-15$)

It's hard to have a favourite weapon.. i had hard work for all of them. I was very satisfied after having complete the first original Thompson gun (now model was replaced with a new one). Maybe the Kar98, because is the most detailed or maybe the fg42, the  gun with most attachables. I really don't know. I love all of them, even the m3 grease (i know it sucks, i will make a new model when i have time).

Full release make will need from 6 to 12 month. After that release i will start working on new maps that as i said will dlc. Every "dlc" will need a couple of month i think.. and hope.

I love this game. Of course i will keep it updated, expecially for solving bugs, but also to add some new features, but, just a few.

Yes! I will add the f1 granate, the dinamite, the bangalores and the anti tank granates! I should make them long time ago but i alway starting working on other components.

At the moment i am studing at the University (Bologna). Maybe when i complete my studing i will abandon it, but i will not finish until 3 years. Or maybe i will abandon the game earlier.. i can't say that. It depends from how much the game will have interest on other people. If i lose all my players i can't continue working, waste of time...

Ww1? I will add a big map on the Alpi mountains, Italy vs Hungary, with all of the used weapons. Big battles, tranch attacks, snow, rocks, well, italian WW1.

This is a hard question. A new gun needa 4-6 Hours, a new tank 6-8 Hours, a new map locations (city, village, beach) 1-2 hours, a new software features 1-2 hours but could gave bugs and needs other several hours to fix it. So i could release an update in two days or two weeks.

P1000 Ratte will of course in the game! Not in a dlc but in the current game, for a special mission. This should have been a surprise, but..

Nice question.

Having the power to create my game with my features, and my weapons, and my battle.. having something mine develop on my historical favourite period, i think. And seeng lot of people appreciate it. Of course.

I'm sorry, usually i reply to all comments if i can, so, here's my reply for this one. Thank you again for the interesting questions. I hope i had a good english while traveling by train to my classroom. Have a good day.

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