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Heeya all , i'm back with a second gameplay video!
This time i am playing the german side ( defending Pointe Du Hoc! )

Please enjoy :

Heeya all ,

I also played and recorded this game and i think it has a lot of potential.
runs smooth , Funny AI , nice gameplay ,  You can even loot the corpses and steal their ammo !

i will link my gameplay video here : 

this game is awsome!

more AI and adding some more features like prone or something should be good.

working ATgun and mortar is cool, and the test scene is pretty damn cool.

there are some bugs like colt reloading animation being stuck on infinite loop or trying to take aim while moving with guns such as thompson is impossible because the body model blocks off your camera, AI screaming when landing...

but thinking this is the very early version of the game, i can't wait to see this game when it releases!

Does anyone wanna play Multiplayer?

The colt animation is broken and I feel like the AI is a bit, lets say, broken. For me when I play omaha they get stuck in the bunker. also I feel like the maps are a bit bland, but I know this is alpha. 

Also add prone, because that would be a good feature in the game.

This game has alot of potential, its really fun and invading the beaches are so much fun.

This is great,  but can you add prone.  And add The symbols to the helmets of the germans, like the swatika and the SS symbol

Wait.. will I get full game for free?

I love this game its really fun but I kind of with the ai was more difficult and that there could be more ai on omaha beach

hi im a new dev to is there any way you could life the frame rate and also mabye one day we can colab

also we really enjoy your game will people with the alpha get the game for free!

At the moment we a modeler could be usefull. Of course we are working to reduce lag (and we will do it).  

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sorry, our team consists of programmers and artists, but i think for indies like us your doing a great job

will there be more troops in other maps,when will we be able to use different kinds of vehicles or artillery?

there will of course more troops o the next builds. Vehicles are in progress, they could take a few weeks. Until 9 of August works are suspended. We are a lot busy.

well I cant wait to see what comes in the next few months.

Why can't I launch it? I'm playing in windows 10 and it keeps crashing whenever I try to start up the game. I've tried running it in compatibility mode but it doesn't work.

Is the easyred.exe file on the same folder of easyred_data folder (as it was inside the zip file)? Did you extract all files?

Hello - just a minor quibble, but with the exception of some small units, there were no US marines that fought in the European theater during WWII.

this "mistake" is known. Actually we don't have yet infantry models, so we are using marines. Obviously they will replaced soon has possible.

mine not


please put a  super very low grapyc my pc is almost broked too muck lag

very good graphics if you put it on super low graphics try it its very good

Yea after playing even more,  i would say some things that are annoying are bodies disappearing too fast to loot, also i love the AI system, there not to hard to fight but there not to easy, i think how the AI works should never change, cant wait till the future with more ai etc.

Thank you for your feedback. Body disappearing problem will solved soon as possible. Next big update could need a couple of weeks because it will add lot of new features. Maybe even the first vehicle and a mission with it. 

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Dude this game is so fun, get back to me when you can, i belive you said somewhere you speak another language and not english, need help with translation? if possible have a option for more AI, like alot more AI and have the dead bodies stay longer to loot. great game thank you for having it as free.  cant wait till the future with vehicles etc, you could probably get this greenlit on steam

Vehicles are going to be added very soon. AI need to get some performance improvement before the large use on the game. At the moment i am working at parachutes and mission objectives; I have to add several missions with the 101 Airbone and Fallmsjagers, and create good mission objectives components to make more funny and dynamic levels. The vehicles that i am going to add are: Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz, Sdkfz251.

Nice, thanks for working so hard

Looks good.

When the multiplayer be redy should add



Guns to unlock.

Different ww2 helmet cammo to unlock too (like for exanple Chicken net on the german helmet, American airborne helmet Waffen ss cover ...)

 Different game modes like Capture the flag, Deathmacht, Team deathmacht.

In camping will be nice that have at the end of the american camping unlock the axis camping (Germany Italy)


Does multiplayer work? if so wanna play?

If this game is fun to play it should not have progresion system.....

Would be nice to have class system so when you are in spawn menu you can choose what weapons etc you want to spawn with

This is already in progress. Thanks for your suggestion.

looks good.... someday i going to buy it :,) cuz i dont have 1 euro lol

Marco are you italian?

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Why isnt it avalible for windows

Of course it is. .exe is inside the zipped folder. Download and extract all files where you prefer, then start easyred.exe.

how i can download it?

I hided files waiting for next big update tomorrow. I just reset them to visible, but game is still going to have a big update tomorrow.

its awsome