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EASY RED V0.2.7b

Alpha will free for a few days.

(trailer is deprecated because it show the 0.1.0 version)


This game is in development. It will updated to add lot of new weapons, clothes, vehicles, structures, cities, mission and it will contain a multiplayer session soon.

This game will be single and multiplayer relistic tactical simulator game on a ww2 scenario.

It will have a complete 10x10km open world map distribuited in campaign missions or multiplayer mode.

At the moment it has only some testing missions where understand the mechanics of the game, the keys and how to play.

Multiplayer (even online) will be integrated very soon!

Game Controls

WASD + MouseMove/Rotate unit
RReload Gun
Q/EInclinate body over corner
GTrow granate
IOpen Inventory
TABSwitch Gun
CSwitch First/Third person view
PPause Menu

Are you interested to participate at the development as modeler? Contact me at marcoamadei1998@gmail.com

New Features

-Map edited - new zones.

-Optimizations and general fixes.

-AI improvement.

-Mission improvement and objective triggers.

-Fixed missions.

-Parachute added.

-New mission (not finished yet).


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Easy Red.zip 220 MB

Development log


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mine not


please put a  super very low grapyc my pc is almost broked too muck lag

very good graphics if you put it on super low graphics try it its very good

Yea after playing even more,  i would say some things that are annoying are bodies disappearing too fast to loot, also i love the AI system, there not to hard to fight but there not to easy, i think how the AI works should never change, cant wait till the future with more ai etc.

Thank you for your feedback. Body disappearing problem will solved soon as possible. Next big update could need a couple of weeks because it will add lot of new features. Maybe even the first vehicle and a mission with it. 

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Dude this game is so fun, get back to me when you can, i belive you said somewhere you speak another language and not english, need help with translation? if possible have a option for more AI, like alot more AI and have the dead bodies stay longer to loot. great game thank you for having it as free.  cant wait till the future with vehicles etc, you could probably get this greenlit on steam

Vehicles are going to be added very soon. AI need to get some performance improvement before the large use on the game. At the moment i am working at parachutes and mission objectives; I have to add several missions with the 101 Airbone and Fallmsjagers, and create good mission objectives components to make more funny and dynamic levels. The vehicles that i am going to add are: Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz, Sdkfz251.

Nice, thanks for working so hard

Looks good.

When the multiplayer be redy should add



Guns to unlock.

Different ww2 helmet cammo to unlock too (like for exanple Chicken net on the german helmet, American airborne helmet Waffen ss cover ...)

 Different game modes like Capture the flag, Deathmacht, Team deathmacht.

In camping will be nice that have at the end of the american camping unlock the axis camping (Germany Italy)


Does multiplayer work? if so wanna play?

Would be nice to have class system so when you are in spawn menu you can choose what weapons etc you want to spawn with

This is already in progress. Thanks for your suggestion.

looks good.... someday i going to buy it :,) cuz i dont have 1 euro lol

Marco are you italian?

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Why isnt it avalible for windows

Of course it is. .exe is inside the zipped folder. Download and extract all files where you prefer, then start easyred.exe.

how i can download it?

I hided files waiting for next big update tomorrow. I just reset them to visible, but game is still going to have a big update tomorrow.

its awsome