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Link for steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/741670/Easy_Red/?beta=0

Welcome to Operation Overlord. Prepare to land on all five Normandy sectors: Omaha, Juno, Sword, Utah and Gold. Fight on the sand, by the forrest, parachute on the fields and conquer the hills: Welcome to Easy Red.

This game is in development. It will updated to add lot of new weapons, clothes, vehicles, structures, cities, mission and it will contain a multiplayer session soon.

This game is a open world 10x10km map. (Not complete yet)

At the moment all missions are just for testing.

Multiplayer (Local and Online) will integrated only when the game will complete.

New maps and locations will integrated only when this one will complete.

Game Controls

WASD + MouseMove/Rotate unit
RReload Gun
Q/EInclinate body over corner
GTrow granate
IOpen Inventory
Mouse Wheel
(On inventory)
Move items between inventories/
Drop item from inventory.
TABSwitch Gun
SpacebarJump/Brake vehicle
CSwitch First/Third person view
PPause Menu
Left-ALTGun Up/Down
+/-Go fast forward/slow motion (development function)

New Features:


-New level: West of Caen.
-New weapon: MP18.
-‎Map updated: Added locations, changed some zones.
-Tanks edited.
-New exit animation from tanks.
-Fixed no "inspect" text on dead bodies.
-Fixed boats doors.
-General fixes.

Download demo

Easy Red 6.4 (Trial Version)(Windows)
Easy Red 6.4 (Trial Verison)(Mac)

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So happy that i downloaded the newer version! so much better and i'm really happy the way this game is turning out! :D good job Mr Dev! :D

hey Marco here are 10 DLC ideas you can add after your done with the base game Marco

1 Vietnam war

2 Korean war

3 Russian civil war

4 soviet war in Afghanistan

5 Napoleonic wars

6 American civil war

7 American revolutionary war

8 Chinese civil war

9 Iran-Iraq war

10 Mexican revolution

(bonus) world war 3

you have it Marco those are my ideas for DLCs hope to see is least 3 of
these DLCs in your game i also did not include ww1 because you are
alrighty thinking about added that but as always keep up the great work

i cant download this (im using the itch app) every time i click install it does the download thing (theres no progress) for a few seconds then theres the install button again

i tried downloading windows version from website and app but it does not work i have played older versions so i know the game works so plz fix

Hi. What happens exactly when you launch the game?


Great game however, it would be nice if you added a visual hit indicator.



Just to let you know, the flamethrower's ammunition stays 100 when I used it.

Yes, that's not a bug. Flamethrower is not finished yet.

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I looked through the comments of this game to find solutions but, for some reason I cannot download the Mac version of the game (on the website, not desktop app). Could you fix this or provide a manual link for the download, on a separate site.

**EDIT: Nevermind I've since fixed the problem just needed to enable a vpn

**EDIT2: The download still does not work, stops at 68.5mb

Hi. Thank you for your feedback. This is so strage, i will take a look for it. If you neednyo download the MAC version manually, get it here: https://mega.nz/#!cMYEXCab!kgxyTygqP58t-DvQ4iDOhrLBu1_uDptXQiFAW2GAEYg

Nevermind the download still doesn't work, it stops at 68.5 mb, could you post it on a diffrent webstie. Thank you if you do.

Of course, i just need some few hours.

The link should be fixed. You can try now.


Hey Marco. Just a small bug report: Sometimes when you quit to main menu,  the objective of the mission that you've played remains at the top of the screen.

Yap, i noticed that and it's on list to be fixed on next version.


A small suggestion: Hold G to wait after pulling the pin before throwing the grenade.


Thank you, this will listed to be implemented.

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whenever i press install nothing happens can anyone tell me how to solve this problem and i use itch program


I never used the Itch Software, so i can't help you with it, but you could anyway download the game directly from the desktop site.

Marco. Is it possible to jump over the side of a landing craft?


Not yet, but it's a planned feature.

Ok. I hope its soon.


Everytime I click install the game does not download and the install button pops back up.

Deleted post
Deleted post
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When you leave the tank you exit out of the front so you get run over most of times


You can't get off from vehices while theyare moving in real life. This game is a simulator, so, it should be realistic. Do you think i suould anyway make soldiers get off from vehicles when they want?

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Well, you can make an animation of the soldier opening the hatch and jump off the side, real life soldiers do it when their tanks are on fire. And cause some slight wounds.


This is a very good idea. Enering/leaving vehicles animations are planned so i can make it 

Hi. I followed your idea. I added this features (with animation) in the current build. If you can, tell me if you like it. Keep in mind that animation is not the final one.

Cool, I'll try it out if I can.


I HAVE NO OBJECTIVES!... | Easy Red | Part 3

I had no objectives in this episode which was weird... but i didn't mind! still fun still awesome! :D

As always very funny. I just think you should update the game, you are playing a very old version, lot of the shown problems has already fided from a while.

haha thankyou! :D and damn! feels like i'm living back in the stone age XD i will definitely update the game! :D thankyou! :)

Don't worry, there is totally no problem, the game is still the same, you just have some new missions, features and bug fixes. Mostly on the AI movements.

Awesome! :D 

ok so I've ask a lot from you I know. can I have permission to upload videos of gameplay and weapon reviews. or just gameplay?

You an upload what you want, even videos where you talk bad about the game.

So i played a bit and came back with a bug. apparently, on german side, any map, when you turn off HUD and turn it back on, it doesnt show enemies left to kill. for example, it be 

24/50 left to kill, i turn off the HUD and turn it back on,

it 24/50 left to kill doesn't pop back up

thank you i didn't notice that. I will fix it.

I couldn't find this bug. Are you sure you just disabked HUD and bug dosn't came from other sources? Arenyou sure you wasn't outside the trigger area or the trigger was changed?

marco could you allow/create pre-orders on steam

Probably yes, but i'm not sure i will do that.  I don't know exactly when i will publish it. i think around 1-2 months.

Marco. I have a problem. In the mission "Near Carentaren", the allies tank keeps on bumping into trees,get stuck the AI who Is driving doesn't know how to drive backwards. Please fix it, thank you :)


Of course, i'm working on it. That's why i didn't add other tanks or tanks battles yet.

Will the game be free if you release it on steam?

After all the time and the money spent i think it will not free, but it will also not cost more then 10€ (maybe only 5€)

Yay! Its not expensive :D. Thank you!

This might seem odd, but when i spawn, i spawn with pistol ammo, but never an actual pistol. this is for every faction n mission

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Yes, you almost always spawn with a pistol. If you press TAB key

You can switch to secondary weapon (pistol).

Whenever i go to download it, MEGA always fail to download the game. Can you fix this?

i Think this is a connection error, dosn't depend on me.

It's more than likely what you said, thanks again!

hey Marco i have a idea for you so when you add multiplayer can you make
it so you can make offline matches so like you can play with bots so
you can play multiplayer when theres like no people online or when your
internet is down and you can also set how many bots you want

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you. I think you already wrote this tip.

Thank you for changing the download link and for the hard work on the new version!

Thank you.

Hey Marco are flamethrowers in this build of the game and if so what map and side are they on 

-Cheers and keep up the awesome work

Unfortunatly no. They are not finished yet, i hope i will add them in the next build.

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yo marco can you add  playstation controller support 

ps: just suggesting this idea just to throw it out there

I will see what i can do.

Hey Marco! Just a little problem. AI's mostly get stuck on small places like at the edge of bridges. Please fix

Thank you. I will work on this.

Hey Marco! Just a little problem. AI's mostly get stuck on small places like at the edge of bridges. Please fix

Hey marco add japanese troops..

And some new 2 weapon options for each class.and loving your game keep it 

New weapons are incoming. I can't add japanese for now. I'm working on operation Overlord. The map is the normandy, i should make a totaly new map for adding japanese troops. DLC with new maps will added only when the main game will complete.

thnx for the quick reply..playing it right now..

And just one thing will the main  game will be free or we have to purchase it..

Thnx a

V0.6 (and some other future updates) will be the last free versions. To have access to some future release, you will have to pay the game on itch.io. anyway it will be some few cents.

For the full release on steam it will have a final cost. I think it will not more than 10€. Anyway it will aviable even on itch.io if you has already paid for it while it was in development.

thnx for the quick reply..playing it right now..

And just one thing will the main  game will be free or we have to purchase it..

Thnx a

thnx for the quick reply..playing it right now..

And just one thing will the main  game will be free or we have to purchase it..

Thnx a

Hey Marco maybe i'm a bit early for the V.06 but i try to download it and it take's me to this page: https://mega.nz/#!pZJDibiK!9oeGHDI_cIx_JhUAaN3-A8PGrxguhvJAvM-I6A2FeX8 it say's that the page is 'Not Safe' and i can't proceed to download can you fix this issue please thanks man ! : )

Probably there is a little link that says "proceed anyway" and will bring you to download. There is no reason why Mega.nz shouldn't be a trusted site.

i really enjoyed the first mission on this game and so i have come back for more! :D 

Play more, please :)

Just to give you one important tip for this game

1 shot to the head = 1 kill,

few shots on body= 1 kill,

so its best to hit the head.

i will happily play more :D and thankyou for the very helpful tips! :)

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this game is really good, you can take this game really far. Storming of the beaches is awesome, the gun play though feels like playing multiplayer game with 100000 ping, its really hard to hit people. Overall the game is really good. 

Add a aussie faction

Thank you. This is already planned, so i will do my best.

here Marco you should add a Australian faction to your game it would be awesome

Thank you. This is already planned, so i will do my best.

does this game have strong words because i'm only 10?

It is a game about war...

Hi david.

The game has mature contents like blood and strong language.


this game was on fire! really impressed with the graphics and the gun mechanics! i love how you can choose which side you want to be as, overall, great game! :D

Thank you so much, appreciated. And very cool channel. Greetings Marco.

your most welcome! :D and thankyou very much! :)


hey Marco i have 8 awesome ideas for you

1 you should add smoke grenades

2 you should also add land mines

3 you should also add a Australian faction

4 you should also add melee weapons

5 you should also add a trench gun

6 you should also add mounted machine guns

7 you should also add the crusader tank

8 you should also add the ross rifle

there you have it Marco those are my ideas i hope you liked them and i hope to see most of these in your game Marco


Most of the content you just mentioned are already planned, others are nice ideas. I will do my best after releasing V0.6.

can you make it to where you can customize the character you are? 

in other word like you choose the uniform (each team has a different one) 

choose your weapon (primary and melee side arm is all ways a hand gun

and an online choice and also a button for surrender?

if not ok and I understand, because I love the game as it is cause its fun but I wish the enemy did see me instantly when I'm hiding in tall grass as a sniper... but still its fun as hell and I can tell you put a lot of work in this and I love what it has become. keep up the good work.

Hi. I will consider this, thank you.

thank you, your doing great with the game.

good job with the flamethrower. can I post videos on youtube of gameplay and give them names and when I die the video ends or I just keep playing for the fun of it cause I wouldn't wanna stop playing this game. but I thought since its your game I should ask for your permission instead of just posting without permission or owner ship.

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